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Leadership is not about a particular position. Leadership is about a choice- your ability to choose to lead yourself to be the best YOU that you can be all the time. Leadership is a choice to THINK, BE, DO to the best of your ability, all the time.
— Keith Craft

Leadership has been an essential part of my walk with the Lord and it has grown to become part of who I'am. It is the value that I bring anywhere I go. I have been blessed to be able to be part of an amazing church located in Frisco, TX called, Elevate Life. My church plays a significant part in my life, and calling to Belgium. My pastors Keith and Sheila Craft have taught me not just how to read and obey the Word, but also how to understand it through a leadership perspective. To be a great leader in anything, we have to learn how to be able to follow- to be able to lead others to Christ, we are to be able to follow Christ and His commands. Leadership plays a big part in the Kingdom, is how God operates, and as we are made in His image, we are to operate in this way as well.

Graduating with a Bachelor in Leadership and Biblical Studies, one of my greatest passions is to teach leadership with a biblical perspective, supported through scripture. This page on my website is to be able to update you guys in how I've come to expand the Kingdom through the work that I'll be doing by adding value through helping people grow as leaders for God, by teaching them how to obey the Word and empower them to advance the Word in Brussels. I'm passionate about making disciples, but I'm even more passionate about making disciples that LEAD others to discipleship. Also another reason is to even inspire you guys and let this part of my webpage be a testimony on how God wants to use you! We are all called to LEAD!


"Whoever wants

to become great among you must

be your servant, and whoever

wants to be first must be slave

of all"

Mark 10:42-44